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Sheriff's Accident Maps

The Door County Sheriff's Department has been entering accidents on a computerized map since July 2001, and replaces the old manual pin maps placed on a wall.  Administrative staff now enter the accidents into a ArcView Map project on a quarterly basis.  The accident number is also entered into a table that corresponds to the incident recorded in the Sheriff's records database (Spillman System) so that the accident location can be joined to other characteristics recorded about the accident.  The accident type and date of accident are also recorded into the ArcView Map table.  On a quarterly basis, records are then matched and verified and entry errors are corrected prior to running a map report of the accidents (see example below).  Maps are produced in letter-sized for Committee members and Administrative staff, and a large 24"x36" map is plotted for displaying at a quarterly Highway Safety meeting.

This new method creates a verification of data entry and maintains the accident locations in digital files beyond the current quarterly reporting.  This will allow past accidents and highway safety trends to be studied at various locations and for various time intervals if desired in the future.  Two Sheriff's Dept. administrative staff members, with no prior mapping software experience, have been able to map the accidents with an hour or two of training and some project documentation.

County Departments with project questions or similar needs can send Tom Haight an e-mail or phone him at (920) 746-2391.

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