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Each municipality in Door County has a set of tax parcel maps maintained by the Door County Real Property Listing Office as a result of converting to a newer parcel management/mapping software.  Each municipality is now available (or will be soon) in PDF format for online access,  and is made up of 18"x24" landscape sheets for every section (approximately 640 acres), at a map scale of 1 inch = 400 feet.  For areas with many small parcels, detailed maps have been created, which are mapped at a scale of 1 inch = 200 feet for a quarter section (approximately 160 acres), or at 1 inch = 100 feet for a quarter-quarter section (approximately 40 acres).  Maps can be printed to "Fit" to scale down to a smaller sheet size.  Hard-copy maps will still be made available in the Door County Real Property Listing Office as well.  Each set of maps is organized by municipality, Town & Range, then Section, and then detailed sub-section areas.  As each municipality is checked and printed for on-line PDF version, a blue hyperlink will provide access.

Select a Town-Range book listed under each Town ... or the Village or City book name for the iincorporated municipalities.


Towns Villages
Town of Baileys Harbor (002) Town of Jacksonport (016)

T29N-R28E  T30N-R27E  T30N-R28E  T31N-R28E


Village of Egg Harbor (118)

T30N-R26E     T30N-R27E

Town of Brussels (004) Town of Liberty Grove (018)  


T31N-R28E  T32N-R29E  T33N-R28E  T33N-R29E

    Village of Ephraim (121)
Town of Clay Banks (006) Town of Nasewaupee (020)



T27N-R25E     T28N-R25E

    Village of Forestville (127)
Town of Egg Harbor (008) Town of Sevastopol (022)


T29N-R26E    T30N-R26E    T30N-R27E

T28N-R25E    T28N-R26E    T28N-R27E

    Village of Sister Bay (181)
Town of Forestville (010) Town of Sturgeon Bay (024)




Town of Gardner (012) Town of Union (026)  

T27N-R23E    T27N-R24E    T28N-R24E


Town of Gibraltar (014) Town of Washington (028) City of Sturgeon Bay (281)

 Chambers Island    T30N-R27E    T31N-R27E