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Pictometry - is the company that has provided aerial photography of Door County in the spring of years 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, and 2015.  Pictometry specializes in providing oblique (angled) and ortho (vertical-rectified) aerial photography for each project flight.

The Door County Web Map includes an easy-to-use tool (Aerial Viewer) available to all users for selecting imagery to view in a new window.

The Web Map includes a second tool (Pictometry Analytics - by clicking the green down arrow to the right of Aerial Viewer), available ONLY to Door County Network users (per Pictometry License agreement).  This site also appears in a new window, but provides additional functions beyond that of the Viewer, such as measuring heights & distances from oblique images.


Other Pictometry resources available to Door County officials and staff, and Door County municipalities (per Pictometry License agreement).

These two stand-alone-tools are independent of the Door County Web Map and accessible from any internet browser connection.  To access imagery from these sites, users will need to logon to the Pictometry servers with a Username and Password.  The same username and password will gain users access to either site.  A logon profile can be created by contacting:

Tom Haight
Door County GIS / LIO Coordinator
421 Nebraska Street
Sturgeon Bay, WI  54235

Phone:  920-746-2391

Questions or comments regarding Pictometry access or the Door County Web Map can also be directed to Tom Haight.