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  1. Protect Habitat for Native Plants & Animals
  2. Restore Landscape Connectivity
  3. Protect Surface Water Quality
  4. Protect Ground Water Quality
County Departments with Layers or Records on the Web Map
Site Upgrade Enhancements (November 2009) include the following:
  1. PDF Printing
  2. Displays coordinates, including Latitude-Longitude
  3. Sketch Tools - for drawing temporary lines and notes over views
  4. Bird's Eye View tool to MS-Bing site for viewing oblique (angled) perspective
  5. Multiple Tax Parcel selection
  6. PDF labels ready for printing
  7. Tax Parcel Report (map & valuations) in pdf format
  8. Tax Parcel Soils Report
  9. Connectivity to Land Records and vice-versa
  10. Quick updates that do not require service to be down
  11. Faster map display times
  12. Service Reliability - no intermittent down-times
E-mail Feedback - Please let us know how we are doing and where we can improve.  Thank you in advance for any constructive comments that you are willing to share.  Also, feel free to use this same e-mail address to ask a question.

During normal business hours (M-F 8 am-4:30 pm),
please call 920-746-2391 to speak with a staff person.
Primary Contact:  Tom Haight, Door County GIS/LIO Coordinator
Geographic Information Systems / Land information Office