Internet Browser Issues

Map Does Not Display

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 10 Browser

Before the Compatibility View button:   along right-side of URL address bar.


After the Compatibility View button:  along right-side of URL address bar.





Pink Map Window

IF Map Widow goes Pink when use Parcel Select.
(Are you displaying browser in maximize view on a wide-screen monitor?)

Resize your browser window to a more narrow width.

In upper-right corner of browser, select the middle Restore Down button   (between the Minimize and Close), to resize your browser window to be more narrow (... by bringing in left or right-side).  Wide monitors have shown to cause errors (pink map displays) as Web Map view is made up of pixels displayed in a ratio of columns and rows.  You may need to re-fresh or re-start browser window and re-select parcel.  The Web Map should be set to run in a narrower browser window for future use.


Report other Issues

Tom Haight, Door County GIS/LIO Coordinator
via e-mail or phone 920-746-2391.