Map Display

Using the Map Display

The map display is an interactive map which you can zoom in, out, pan, and interact with data layers using the different tools.


The overview map display is located in the upper left corner and shows the location view relative to the entire County with a red box.  This overview map can be toggled off by selecting the adjacent collapse button along upper-left.  To show the overview map again, simply hit the expand button .

Navigate with the Map Controls

  1. The upper left hand corner of the map has several controls that allow you to navigate the map easily. The vertical bar control is a zoom tool, you can use the zoom tool to change the scale of the map (ie. Plus (+) to Zoom in or Minus ( - ) to Zoom out).

  2. Just above the zoom bar is a control for panning the map to the North, South, East, or West by selecting the appropriate arrow.

  3. The map scale bar is located in the bottom left corner of map and provides a visual distance reference.  However, the scale bar does not change the zoom level (or map scale).
  4. However, the Fotter Information bar located immediately below the map, also allows the map scale (or zoom level) to be changed using the drop-down Scale control.

    The drop-down Scale allows a number of set scales to be selected from or user to choose "Enter Scale..." for which a new pop-up window appears for entering any other desired scale.

  5. The Footer Information Bar located below map also displays local X-Y coordinates (WI - State Plane, central zone, NAD83-91), Latitude-Longitude, and US National Grid.