Menubar Options

Using the Menubar Options

Options for Searching Tax Parcels

  1. Just below the Toolbar, click the "Parcel Search by" drop-down menu.  There are four different choices for performing a Parcel Search on the tabular information.

  2. Click the Parcel Search by method you would like to use.

  3. See Property Address example below.

    Input the record value to search on in the top Number Only prompt box (and values for second prompt is optional), and select Go or Enter.
    By entering a value for the Street Name prompt, the number of matching records returned can be significantly reduced.

  4. Once the search completes, you should see a list of search results.
    Each returned parcel record includes three link options (ZoomTo, Details, and Report).
    Sort Order:

    For multiple returned records, the sort order may be important for locating a desired record.  Records are returned in sort order by Parcel ID.  The first three digits represent the municipality it is located in.  By referencing the list below, you will see that records returned from the Town of Baileys Harbor would be to the top of the list, whereas those from the City of Sturgeon Bay would be at the bottom.  The municipal codes and sort order is as follows:

    002 - Town of Baileys Harbor   016 - Town of Jacksonport 118 - Village of Egg Harbor
    004 - Town of Brussels   018 - Town of Liberty Grove 121 - Village of Ephraim
    006 - Town of Clay Banks   020 - Town of Nasewaupee 127 - Village of Forestville
    008 - Town of Egg Harbor   022 - Town of Sevastopol 181 - Village of Sister Bay
    010 - Town of Forestville   024 - Town of Sturgeon Bay  
    012 - Town of Gardner   026 - Town of Union 281 - City of Sturgeon Bay
    014 - Town of Gibraltar   028 - Town of Washington  

  5. Press the "ZoomTo" button to zoom the map to the selected Tax Parcel, or

    To ensure you are selecting an individual parcel, use the Select Parcel Tool () after using the Zoom To link for a parcel that was part of multi-record query;
    otherwise it is possible to have adjacent parcels highlighted on the map display, parcel report, or print layout.

  6. Select "Details" to generate a new window for getting Tax, Assessment and other parcel-related information, or

  7. Select "Report" to generate a Tax Parcel report in PDF file format (ready for printing to a portrait letter-sized sheet).