Table of Contents

Using the Table of Contents

The Table of Contents has two sections, the "Layers" tab and the "Information" tab. The "Layers" tab allows you to manage the data layers that are visible in your map.  The "Information" tab is used to display information about the map.  It is also the area where you enter in parameters for various tools.

Map Layers

  1. In the Table of Contents, data layers are organized into folders.  Click on a folder to expand and view the layers within it.

  2. To turn a layer on  , click the checkbox next to the layer name, click again to turn off and remove checkmark.
    To view the layer legend, click the expand  icon; and collapse the legend by clicking the icon.

  3. Circular radio buttons indicate that these folder layers will have just one layer "On" at a time.
    To turn a layer "On" , select the button next to the layer name when it is in the "Off" position.
    The layers opacity (or transparency) can be altered by clicking the fade and unfade icons for each layer.


  1. Information about the map and variables for different tools are displayed in the Information tab of the Table of Contents.  Here is an example of results returned from the measure tool.