Door County is Unique ...


Door County has been known for its apple and cherry orchards for years.  Why is it that Door County is well suited for these crops?  Why not Kewaunee or Brown Counties to the south?  Learn of the earliest beginnings of this business and see some of the equipment used in the growing and processing of these fruits.

Ethnic History

The majority of the original European settlers came to Door County in the mid to late 1800s during Wisconsinís early statehood years.  There were, however many native peoples who had settled here much earlier.

    Many groups brought their traditions with them.  Which of them began the fish boils that have now become famous? Learn more about early settlers at the museum.


War History

Like all areas of our country, many
Door County men
served during the several wars in our history.

Look for representation
 of the history of each
 of the wars.



Folk Art

In the days when shopping was not as convenient, many crafts were done by both men and women.

Door County had its share of them and many examples left by these artisans are on display at the museum.



What makes Door County so well-known as a vacation destination?

 When did people first realize that this place was so special for their summer recreational pursuits?

How do some of the early resorts compare to those we have today?