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Door County Flood Emergency Evacuation Plan

Adopted as Appendix 1 of the Door County Emergency Response Plan


In early 2018, Door County repealed and replaced its floodplain zoning ordinance with a new version that complied with state level mandates.  One of the requirements state-wide is that the county may only permit new development where roads are below the base flood elevation if either safety personnel provide written assurance of rescue in the event of flooding, or if the county has a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources-approved emergency evacuation plan in place.  Since safety personnel for parts of the county could not provide that written assurance of rescue, the only alternative for the county was to adopt a flood emergency evacuation plan. 

This flood emergency evacuation plan (Plan) was written and adopted as an appendix to the Door County Emergency Response Plan, a document that the Door County Emergency Management and Communications Department (Emergency Management) uses to coordinate disaster response and recovery efforts throughout the county.  The Plan was written was by the Door County Land Use Services and Emergency Management Departments, adopted in late 2017 by the Door County Board of Supervisors, and certified in early 2018 by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. 

A link to the Plan and its associated maps are provided below.  Note that the Plan refers to sections of the Door County Emergency Response Plan for general emergency protocol.  A copy of the Emergency Response Plan may be requested by contacting Emergency Management. 

For questions or further information regarding the Plan, please contact: 

Daniel Kane
Emergency Management and Communications
1201 S. Duluth Avenue
Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin  54235
Phone: (920) 746-7195

Becky Kerwin
Land Use Services/Planning
421 Nebraska Street
Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin  54235
Phone: (920) 746-2323


Door County Flood Emergency Evacuation Plan


Maps referred to in the Plan are listed below by municipality.  These maps show areas with developed lots served by roads located below the base flood elevation.  If a municipality is not listed, it does not have any lots served by roads below the base flood elevation, or it has lots that are served by roads below the base flood elevation but with safe egress.  These maps may be viewed by clicking on the municipality name below.  For a listing of street names by municipality and map code, click on the “Map Code Numbers by Street Names” link below.

·         Maps


o   Baileys Harbor

o   Forestville

o   Gibraltar

o   Gardner

o   Liberty Grove

o   Nasewaupee

o   Sevastopol

o   Union

o   Washington


City and Villages:

o   City of Sturgeon Bay

o   Village of Egg Harbor

o   Village of Ephraim


·         Map Code Numbers by Street Names