Get Started

Getting Started

The Web Mapping Application enables you to explore a map and find information useful to you.

How it works

The Web Mapping Application page has four main parts:
  • Table of Contents provides layer list and information when map is queried or tools activated.  At the top of this area is two useful drop-downs for quickly navigating to an area of interest:

    Parcel Search by drop-down allows to search Tax Parcel data and map records by:

    • Owner's Name
    • Parcel Identification Number (PIN)
    • Property Address
    • Mailing Address of Owner

    Zoom To drop-down allows to quickly navigate map to an area by feature name, and includes:

    • Bay/Harbor
    • Island
    • Lake
    • Municipality
    • Park
    • Plat/Condo
    • Public Sanitary Service
    • Roads
    • Section-Town-Range
    • Soils Sheet
    • Stream
    • Supervisory District
    • Unincorporated Places
    • Ward
    • Watershed

    Layers tab contains folders with groups of layers for controlling whether or not to display them.

    Information tab is an area designated for listing tabular information and selecting variables for different tools.


  •  Toolbar enables you to interact with the map.  Some of the available tasks include:
    • Zoom to Previous Extent
    • Zoom to Next Extent
    • Zoom Full County Extent
    • Pan the Map
    • Zoom In
    • Zoom Out
    • Identify
    • Select Parcel
    • Draw Select Parcels
    • Clear Selected
    • Print

  • Map Display shows the interactive map which you can navigate with tools or query and zoom to a location through tabular data.
  • Footer Information provides information about the map, such as map scale and map coordinates as user moves the mouse over the map.  Coordinates include local (WI - State Plane, central zone, NAD83-91), Latitude-Longitude, and US National Grid.